How do you flatten 3D objects with textures into printable material 2D Patterns?


I’m trying to construct a large scale inflatable using Rhino. My goal is to be able to apply textures (graphics) on to the 3d object to be then flatten into 2D printable patterns that will then be sown by seamstresses. Can someone explain how to flatten 3D figures (with textures) into 2D for print patterns. Attached are some pictures of what I am trying to accomplish in Rhino.

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Hi Johan - try: Mesh the objects, as accurately as seems reasonable (this may take some experimentation) , then Squish the meshes - does that do what you need?


Hi Pascal,

I did a little experimentation with meshing objects. When I try to squish the object it does flatten the object correctly. When using the squishing command, what command line option do you use?

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Hi Johan - keep in mind that Squish is not designed to flatten seriously double-curved objects. So you need relatively lightly curved panels to get a decent result. (the panels you show look reasonable to me, at least the visible part) I used the defaults in my quick example, but I don’t know what is best for your objects. I also find that I get better results if I mesh the object fairly densely, with evenly sized polygons (i.e. set a maximum edge length in the detailed controls.)


Hello @pascal,

if the double curved surface is Meshed, how to use it for manufacturing after Squish? Is it possible to transform it back to single surface maintaining correct UV data?

Hello - the Squished object will be a mesh - DupBorder will get you a polyline and PlanarSrf a surface from that if needed. But I am not 100% sure what you are asking and the border of the new flat surface will be a polyline - you may need to draw clean new curves on the mesh border and make the surface from those.


My goal is to flatten the half of the sphere or a little bit more with texture mapped on it, to get a flat parts with texture patterns. Then print the parts with its texture parts on fabric. Then cut them and stitch. It will be inflatable sphere(truncated) with printed graphics. Like a globe with map.

Somehow this reminds me of this tread, so i’ll link it here.