How do I map a hexagonal grid onto a surface

hey Martin i wanted to ask a bit about 3d printing, when i set the mesh height adjuster and save the file the mesh gets inverted why is that happening also i need to 3d print the mesh so what should i do??

before saving:

after saving

also the sole mesh is unable to remain opened in rhino after closing grasshopper but the other one mesh remains why is that so and what is the way out


Sorry I don’t know why the mesh is inverted. I would just try to flip the normals?

For 3D printing you could use the command fillmeshhole…

Here’s a sample file of a thickened sole:

sole_hexagonal_pattern.3dm (6.4 MB)

  1. Create a copy of the mesh.
  2. Use the command SelNakedMeshEdgePt to drag the open edge higher on one of the two meshes.
  3. Close both meshes with FillMeshHole.
  4. Shrinkwrap the taller mesh with a negative offset.
  5. Subtract the shrinkwrapped mesh from the sole.

Another approach using the offset of one of the meshes created for the mesh cage morphing…

Updated Grasshopper definition: (398.5 KB)

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