How do I get the adjacent vertices of a given mesh edge?


  1. What’s the right grasshopper component to get the adjacent vertices of a given polygon mesh edge?
    Didn’t find this in the standard components, nor in Weaverbird, or Ivy.

I want to create a parametric 3d model of a geodesic hemispheric dome constructed of timber rods connected through metal knots, and need to do some angle calculation on the edges and vertices.
Something like this:

  1. The dome mesh already exists - anyway, is there a primitive component for a tetrahedron with adjustable subdivisions?

Thanks a lot!

Found the answer to my second question: it’s ggGeoDome in the GeomGym plugin.

Ok, looks like the Grasshopper-plugin “Element” is what I was looking for! It has a component called “Edge Neighbours”.

… and another interesting plugin: Mesh+

Wow, plenty of stuff to play with!

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