How do I download Site map of Everest Using grasshopper and elk

Site map_grasshopper (3.7 KB)
I have attempted to download a OSM map and translate this into a site map in Rhino.
I’ve used open street map, and elk with grasshopper but am unable to make it work despite watching several youtube tutorials.
May someone please help, I really appreciate some direction.

Hi Anna -

You didn’t include the map everest (4).osm file that is on your D-drive somewhere so I downloaded a 2 x 2 km area around the top.

You need to use the OSM Data component to extract data from the Location component that you have on the canvas. You then need to right-click that component to specify which data you need - and I don’t know what you need.


In this example, I extracted all <tag k="highway" v="path"/> and <tag k="highway" v="steps"/> data - there doesn’t appear to be much else around unless you also are interested in borders.

Grasshopper file with internalized OSM data:
Site map_grasshopper (22.5 KB)

Hi Wim,

Thanks so much for your help.
I have had a go at downloading the file you attached to fully understand the method however my programme doesn’t seem to recognise the components in the file.
I’ve attempted to follow the steps you suggest but the location and OSM components appear red in all cases.
I wonder, which elk version did you download? I’ve attempted to download all to recognise the most suitable of them but have failed to do so.

Kind regards,

Hi Anna -
If Grasshopper shows the components on the canvas, that means that the correct plug-in is installed on your system - in this case, the components are from Elk2. I internalized the data that feed into the OSM Data components but see now that one of those is just a path on the computer - that’s why it’s turning red on your side.

The attached file should work on your computer - the path is to the same location and file on the D-drive as in the one that you posted.
Site map_grasshopper (9.6 KB)