How do I create a parametric relationship (ratio) between circles in a grid

How do I create a parametric relationship (ratio) between circles in a grid so that the circles get small or larger along one direction (eg the y direction). I have set up the circles in a grid with a controllable number slider related to the number of rows and columns, but I am struggling to set up a ratio relationship between the circles.
May anyone be able to help?
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Looking for something like this? (11.5 KB)

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Hi HS_Kim,
Thanks so much. I think so! If possible may you could explain the steps so I could fully understand please?

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As you can see in this definition, I just find the “Y” coordinate of grid points using Deconstructand remapping these values for the radius input of Circle.

Thanks HS_Kim. Thank you for you reply. I was just wondering if you could give a step by step explanation of the process, so I can fully understand?
For example, how did you alter the division component to have the imputs as A and 2 rather than A and B?

I believe there’s no need step by step explanation for such a short def. Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor, so this definition is almost self-explanatory…
And regarding input changes, if you hover your mouse cursor over the input “B”, you can see this.

Thank you for your help. I just wondered why you had taken the steps you had regarding the process that creates the ratio between circles, and how you had figured this out?

Surface 2 Diagrid Pattern 2 (18.6 KB)

Hi HS_Kim,

After reviewing the parametric data flow, I have realised that it doesn’t quite match the output I aimed to achieve (please refer to video attached). May you suggest an a solution to this, that will create a the file in the video?

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Anna (13.6 KB)

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Hi Kim,
Thank you for sending this over. When I try to open this file there is an unrecognised file, a ‘curve middle’, is there a plug you have downloaded allow this to work?

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No. It’s a vanilla GH component in R6, not a plugin.
You can replace it to another equivalent. (11.9 KB)

Hi HS_Kim,

Thank you so much.
This file seems to work, thank you.
Please may you explain the steps and how you came to develop the process.
I would really appreciate this so I can fully understand.

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