How do I create a parametric relationship (ratio) between circles in a grid along u and v

How do I create a parametric relationship (ratio) between circles in a grid so that the circles get small or larger along the u and v direction. I have set up the circles in a grid with a controllable number slider related to the number of rows and columns, but I am struggling to set up a ratio relationship between the circles.
May anyone be able to help?
Please see attached the the video for what I’d like to achieve.

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It is somewhere on the forum !!! I search
It is quite simple maths because it is not real circle packing.

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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your message. I wonder whether you could direct me to the solution for this parametric pattern?


I already did it but can’t find the discussion !!!
It is very basic Math, so if you are more than say 15 years old, it is a good Math/Grasshopper exercice

Width = number of circle * radius 2=> radius = Width/(number of circle2)
Number of circle = row number + initial number of circle (-1)
height = sum of circle radius *2(use Mass Addition in Grasshopper)

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Thanks, I still don’t fully understand how to apply this in grasshopper terms, could you show a solution in grasshopper if possible.
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We are Architects students and are not used to working in this way and really appreciate your help.

For sure it requires some iteration so it is a bit tricky in Grasshopper, you have to use Mass addition.
But please try to take a pencil and a paper and write the equations. It is what I do at the moment.

Hi Laurent,
Okay, thanks we’ve set up the uv parameters and set the circles within a box, but struggling to set the ratio relationship between circles. May you offer some more direction please.

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Struggling is a way to learn.

One more direction, I finally found the discussion.
Search on my Instagram account, find the solution of the mystery you will :stuck_out_tongue:

And post the good link in this discussion.

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So it seems that I had no answers!
My Instagram is there
Image of the related problem is here on the middle

There is a link to the discourse page

And the link
Creating dynamic circle pattern

Thank you laurent.
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