How do I create a facade / create texture to a geometry?

Hey guys

I have designed a form which is extrusion and have moved it, I know you can create a facade/texture going down the mesh route but how about a geometry?

Any help please and thank you

A more detailed question please…

if i understand your question correct you can use displacement in rhino and extract the resulting mesh, i dont know how that would work in grasshopper though but i am sure its feasible similarly.

I want the form I created (image 1) which is a ‘geometry’ not ‘surface’ to have some sort of texture, so I want to know how (using grasshopper) i am able to manipulate the facade of image 1 to have the texture like image 2





A couple of clarifications…

When you say texture are you meaning an image tiled as material?

This goes on the complete ‘form’? or just vertical wall-like surfaces?

What is the end goal? (Rendering, Fabrications, something in between)

I have a feeling that you are looking to populate your model with a pattern consisting of Attractor driven hexagons, I recommend watching these videos so you can start and people here are always willing to help you.