How do I clean up messy SubD parts (from Grasshopper Multipipe)

Hey everyone,

I am currently trying out grasshopper and the the multipipe command.
I would like to tidy up the topology, because the raw result isn’t very clean in some areas.
Are there fast ways to clean up part such as this?

Can you, for example, select a edge loop and push it into a more circle-like form?

Thank you for your help! :smiley:

Hi @NiklasG ,

You can draw a circle and then use Align > ToCurve with the SubD edgeloop selected > pick the circle. The control polygon is what will get pulled to the circular curve.

There is also an open feature request for a command to make an edgeloop selection circular and I have added your post to it.

I often use align to curve with subD and if the vertices are not too far from the curve to align to it works fairly well.
But in the case described here, the vertices will be aligned the direction following the closest distance to the curve resulting in a bad, uneven distribution along the curve.
It would be great to have an “even distribution along curve” option for align to curve.

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Yes! :clap:

If you provide a sample file, I will log a feature request for even distribution along a curve for the developer to see if they can add that ability. Thanks.

Hi Brian.

Here you go:

2024-01-17-rhino_discourse–align_to_curve_evenly_distributed-example.3dm (1.6 MB)

This example resembles a situation as requested by this topic (align to circle), but this should apply to any alignment to curve, open or closed.

Hope this helps, Norbert

feature logged here-

RH-79785 evenly distribute edge loop points along a curve

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