How do I bake a circle in Python?

I tried using the same method as I used for a mesh but it doesn’t seem to like the circle geometry input.

if you set your u input to GeometryBase it should work (the error displays in fact that it expects this)
If however you have your input set to Circle, then you need to use:

doc.Objects.AddCircle() instead

When i try the first method it doesn’t error out but it also doesn’t add the circle to Rhino. With the second method it errors out even though I set the input to type hint>circle.

better post your gh file then, as here it works as expected.

see if this helps: (2.0 KB)

Thanks, I actually got it to work by doing doc.Objects.AddCurve(u) and setting my type hint to “Curve”. Not sure why “Circle” won’t work.