How can I renumber curves? I want to renumber the curves according to Z-axis

Hi everyone,

I have a series curves, one up one according to Z-axis. However, the number of the curves is not continuous in Z-axis. How can I renumber the curves?

How I show curve number:

renumber.3dm (229.2 KB)

if you’re bringing the curves from rhino in the first place, why not simply select them ‘in order’ (bottom to top or vice versa)?

I can’t open your R6 file in R5. What it looks like is that you want to sort the curves in Z-order? There are several ways to do that, easier done than explained.

Thank you Joseph!
renumber_v5.3dm (239.4 KB) Here I uploaded the v5 file.

Here’s the general idea using planar curves I created: (internalized) (10.1 KB)

Your curves, however, look more complicated… not planar and not all starting at the same place, so that could mix things up… standby.

OK, I divided each curve into ten points and used their Average (roughly center) for the sorting. The ‘Tree/List Viewer’ is just a trace tool for examining trees of geometry in a visual way. (126.5 KB)

All curves internalized, no need for Rhino file.

P.S. To explain further, Sort is sorting Z values and the Avr points (‘A’ input) and curves (‘B’ input) get sorted in the same sequence as the ‘K’ (Keys) input.

That’s a great job, Joseph!!
Thank you so much for your kind and prompt help!

Well, this isn’t infallible. Irregular curves could mix it up, requiring more effort to determine valid Z values to sort by. But this is the general idea.

The more I use it, the more I like it. Thanks again!

They Loft better when sorted, eh? :wink: But I see two areas that look ugly (twisted), even with “Align sections” enabled. Still needs work?

To get a clean Loft, I added an Anemone loop (white group) after sorting them in sequence. It flips each curve and adjusts its Seam (start/end point) to match its predecessor. No Loft options required. (131.8 KB)

P.S. This is what Loft produces at three stages of the model. Left to right, below:

  1. raw curves, unsorted
  2. curves sorted by Z value of Avr points
  3. sorted curves after Anemone with matching directions and seams


Wow…Joseph, your work is fantastic!! And thank you so much for your kindness! I really need some time to fully understand your code :).

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