How can i make Triangle facade surface

How can i make Equilateral triangle facade pattern which continue on Surfaces


first it is good to give more information on what you want and show that have worked a bit on the subject. You will find here some explanations on how to ask effective questions

Second it is good to give references/credits, it is more easy to search documentation in order to help
This seems to be the Dance Palace from UNStudio

Third, some answers. Your question is a classic question on attractors with triangle pattern

I would use a mesh with triangle faces here and play with the face openings.

My goal is to make an Equilateral triangle facade pattern on complex surfaces which will be selected to be Aluminium Cladding or Void in next process and I need every unit of triangle is same size (the triangle at the edge of suface is cut)

The outcome I expected is like the Dance Palace from UNStudio from above or The Ramon International Airport, by Amir Mann / Ami Shinar Architects and Planners, and Moshe Zur Architects.
These examples have triangle which continue from surface to suface


This is a surfaces i want to divide in to a triangle pattern made from loft and patch

First , I tried using Lunchbox but the triangle pattern blend in to surface to fit the edge which makes traiangle patterns not same size (I followed

So I tried using Triangular which is close to what i want . On Plane Surface it went quite well

But I don’t know how to do it on curve surface (error 1. Data conversion failed from Surface to Plane)

so is their anyway to make triangle pattern which continues on these complex surfaces?

I am not sure you will find a plugin to do that. From what I understand you have 2 planar surfaces with a common frontier (a line). You can choose to align you equilateral triangle to this line and then “fold” them to fit on the 2 surfaces.
Or align on an other edge …
You can also select angles between edges that will lead to cut a only some points of the triangles (ends, middle of the edge …).
Your problem is like draping or texturing there will be seams. If you don’t want them you need to optimize your geometry.
Better advise :
Post a geometry and a sketch of what you want.