How can I make this geometry a closed mesh?

Hi There,

I’ve got this download sculpture of a head that I want to turn into a closed mesh. for the eyes and bottom of the neck I’ve used Dupborder, Patch and then Join which gives me an open mesh.

I’ve tried Showedges to see the naked edges and matchmeshedge with no luck. What else can I try?

What I’m trying to do with this model is to use meshbooleandifference to try two sides of a mould to 3d print. Is there anything I can do to get the inverse of this geometry if I can’t get a closed mesh?

Head.3dm (4.4 MB)

Well there are a couple of problems - the added eye meshes don’t really match the outlines in the head. If you join them to the head and then use MatchMeshEdge it will work to fix that, but you need to raise the tolerance from the default .001 - I used 0.1.

The second problem is at the back of the neck, you have a little “V” which has non-manifold edges, you need to get rid of those. The head mesh also has apparently some degenerate ngons, so I used DeleteMeshNgons to remove those, then I also deleted the 6 faces that composed that V at the back of the neck. I then used FillMeshHole to fill the “V” hole and and the same command after to close off the bottom.

Here is the result…

ClosedHEad.3dm (466.3 KB)

That’s awesome, thanks a lot for the help. I tried to do it myself and was able to replicate it - I’d never heard of neons before.

Was there a command you used that helped discover the V at the back of the neck? or was it just by zooming in and looking for odd geometry?

Yes. First the command “Check” will report what is wrong with the mesh. It will report things like naked (open) edges, non-manifold edges, degenerate faces etc.

The Edge display dialog (Analyze>EdgeTools>ShowEdges) allows you to show naked or non-manifold edges, this is how to visually find them. (also has a ‘zoom’ function)