How can I make "Left" view default instead of "Right"

…for new documents and every time I launch Rhino?

You could make a script that runs at startup that sets “Left” as active.
Or maybe save a new file as template that has Left maximized.

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@Holo is right.
It is not possible to fundamentally change Rhino’s Cartesian, right-handed, Z-up, Top/Front/Right/Perspective default view arrangement.

Set the views as desired.
Save As Template with name you want to use.
Set default template to the saved template: Options > Rhino Options > Files > Template Files > Default

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Then, to reset the views, if they are altered in the modeling process, use
-ReadViewportsFromFile“Path to template”


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The right-hand cartesian is just fine. The direction of the view is what is wrong. At least in Ship Design. In ship design top view you look down the Z- (same as Rhino), side view you look along Y+ (same as Rhino) but transversal views, which is front in ship design you look along X+ (y+ is to your left, z+ is up) This one is exactly the opposite of Rhino default “Right”.

That is the case in EU at least. I know some countries orient their ships backwards :man_facepalming:

Thank you @Holo, @davidcockey, @pascal.