How can I get the average surface representation of a 3D mesh?

I have a rectangular mesh which is made of quads and triangles:

Is there a way to get the centreline surface representation of this mesh? I am new to Grasshopper.

I.e. Centreline surface of the thing 3D box:


Hi @o.rush

Can you past the GH file?


maybe you can use the “Contour” command to do it.

mesh.3dm (152.7 KB)

Attached is the mesh, it was imported from an IFC using ggImportIFC. I haven’t got very far with any successful GH scripts.


Here you are:
for (106.1 KB)

MeshEdit Plug-in - Not Necessary for Review The Results

Thanks Ali, this seems to do the trick! Is there any way to get it in the same coordinates as the original mesh object?

you’re welcome. sorry for the delay. yes, you can use Orient Command:
for (125.8 KB)
I don’t know why the Meshedit Plugin works weird in the Original Location and cant properly explode the Original Mesh, But it works fine when the mesh moves to the origin of coordination. anyway, I just use a workaround method but if you can find a way to explode the mesh to it’s faces properly in its original position, you won’t need the Orientation.