How can I fix loft result?

I’m trying to loft circles to cells but, I have some undesirable patches. I used loft options but still not fixed. I need a smooth one with no edge caused by loft.
I wonder if anyone could help me.
best regards
mary baro (16.9 KB) (11.8 KB)


Loft flat, then Sporph. (16.0 KB)

P.S. Oh yeah, I see that Boundary works better than Loft when the Random domain is reduced slightly (0.1 to 0.499).


Doh! Map Srf (Map to Surface) of the curves, then SrfSplit works fine. The Srf SL cluster is just one way to get the largest (and smallest) result from SrfSplit. (17.9 KB)

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thanks a lot Mahdiyar!

thank a lot Joseph!