How can i find minimum distance between any number of holes in a cube?

i want to find distance between these holes and i want to find the minimum of them , how should i do ?

any help is great
thanks in advance

Click the Osnap button at the bottom of the screen and click the Cen box just above and to the left of it. Then click “Distance” on the Analyze pulldown menu at the top of the screen.
When using the Cen Osnap place the cursor on the circle whose center you wish to use, not actually on the center as you might normally expect.

Does this help?

actually i want to do is that i should measure distance between any of the 2 holes in the 5 holes, so there will be 5 values , then i should get the min of those. problem im only being able to measure distance between fixed 2 holes. i want to select any 2 holes and measure the distance

I’m not sure I understand, but you should be able to repeat the process I described for each pair of holes you want to measure. The distance will be reported on the command line at the top and you can scroll commands and results to find the smallest distance.

is it possible to edit in thismin (12.9 KB) its working for 2, but for any number greater, its only measuring distance between the same 2 holes. how to change this?

AHA! Grasshopper! I don’t think your original post had the Grasshopper category shown, or else I just plain missed it. I’m not a Grasshopper user, even though it looks like a great tool, so I guess you’ll have to wait for one to join the thread.

Edit: Now that I take a much closer look at your initial screen shot, I notice the most recent command on the command line is “Grasshopper”. I definitely didn’t see that the first time.

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