How can i export control points of surfaces or objects

I would like to ask if anyone knows the way of exporting the coordinates of the control points of surfaces or 3d objects. I know that there is a usefull rhino script for exporting only control points of curve objects, and i was wondering if there is a similar rhino script for what i ask. Please i would appreciate your help…


The most straight forward way to do this is to run through these steps:

Run the command _ExtractPt that can extract the controlpoints of surfaces meshes and the like.

Next you can export he points in the desired format.

Does this do what you want or do you need a more extensive format/script.

If you can post the script you mention to export curve controlpoints, it might be easy to add functionality for surfaces and meshes.


Thank you very much for your help Willem!! It was exactly what i was looking for! I m going to post now the script i was talking about, but i was wondering…what changes could be done to this script in order to be able to export the coordinates of the control vertices of surfaces or solids or meshes? And…is it even possible to export more data? such as…the weight of the control vertices?, or the number of the control vertices ? Thanks again…ExportControlPoints.rvb(1.2 KB)