How can I create a surface/mesh to wrap this mesh, as close as possible?

Hi everyone,

I tried to wrap this mesh using a surface (should like a cylinder, the whole outer “shape” of the mesh), but I can noly created the points representing the mesh, then I can’t create the surface further.

Any idea and suggestions are appreciated!! (2.3 KB) wrap-v5.3dm (569.4 KB)

This is not a solution but an idea to find the curved polyline and create the surface using sweep
maybe you need remove some lines manually or find a solution to do that with grasshopper

wrap (12.2 KB)

Thank you so much Seghier!

I am sorry I was not clear for my idea. What I what is the cover the whole shape, not follow the lines.

Thank you again for your idea!

So the only thing you have to do is use a search engine and search for shrink wrap and grasshopper

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Thank you so much Laurent!!
I searched “wrap”, but didn’t find what I expected…
I will try it and let you know soon!

For sure it is more easy to find something with adequate keywords, not always easy.
And for sure come back if you have problems with the differents scripts

Sorry i don’t understand you , maybe you need to use convex hull and extrude to create surface
if i understand what you want

He wants something like that

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Hi, Seghier, that’s a very nice method! However, I need the wrapping close to the mesh as possible.
Laurent provides me a code and I am trying it.
Thank you so much again for your kind help!

Thanks Laurent
ok simply use 3D convex hull than remesh the result

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Thank you, Seghier!!
That’s exactly what I want.
I am so happy.
I will update you my outcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Seghier, how can I create the quad mesh as you show? I can’t find that command…

Sorry Laurent, after my trying, I can’t run the code successfully. Mine is a mesh and the code starts from a Brep. I tried to change to mesh but the responding time seems too long…
Do you have any suggestions?

This is a plugin ; i think is now available in the last rhino 6 wip
the old topic of the standalone plugin removed

Hi Seghier,

For longer curved structure, it is still not so good…

I want the outer mesh to wrap it like a sausage :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you again and again…


You know solutions are not work always; for work like that i prefer use Blender

You mean the software Blender? I know it’s a powerful one.
I just wanted to finish all the work in Grasshopper: I love it so much (although I am not so good at it)!!
Anyway, thank you again for your suggestion.

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Here is a tweaked solution, far from perfect. It uses the Daniel Piker script. (1.3 MB)


Hi Laurent, I tried the code for longer structure, and the results are like this.

I think it’s quite similar to Seghier’s results.
I may give up…
Anyway, thank you so much, Laurent, I learned a lot from this post.