How can I do the design?


I’m looking to create something like this design but the idea isn’t clear for me, it seems I have to use subd or something else .

can you help me to know how to do it .
Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 9.57.49 AM

anyone knows how to do it ?

Hello- with surfaces, I’d set up something like this-

then, there are some interesting and possibly challenging transitions to make but that is how I’d start.



I agree with @pascal , even if pay attention that the object is not symmetrical (I mean, it is but not from the frontal plane let’s say)

to my point of view it is a sort of Shrinkwrap, here surely done by hand so it is not exactly that. It can be simulated very easily with Kangaroo.
Draw 3 curves

Pipe them

Make a convex Hull, I used my tool in Nautilus but there many tools.
And use Shrink Wrap

A version made with Kangaroo Shrinkwrap and another with Mesh Smooth (right)

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