How can I create a surface/mesh to wrap this mesh, as close as possible?

Thank you, Seghier!!
That’s exactly what I want.
I am so happy.
I will update you my outcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Seghier, how can I create the quad mesh as you show? I can’t find that command…

Sorry Laurent, after my trying, I can’t run the code successfully. Mine is a mesh and the code starts from a Brep. I tried to change to mesh but the responding time seems too long…
Do you have any suggestions?

This is a plugin ; i think is now available in the last rhino 6 wip
the old topic of the standalone plugin removed

Hi Seghier,

For longer curved structure, it is still not so good…

I want the outer mesh to wrap it like a sausage :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you again and again…


You know solutions are not work always; for work like that i prefer use Blender

You mean the software Blender? I know it’s a powerful one.
I just wanted to finish all the work in Grasshopper: I love it so much (although I am not so good at it)!!
Anyway, thank you again for your suggestion.

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Here is a tweaked solution, far from perfect. It uses the Daniel Piker script. (1.3 MB)


Hi Laurent, I tried the code for longer structure, and the results are like this.

I think it’s quite similar to Seghier’s results.
I may give up…
Anyway, thank you so much, Laurent, I learned a lot from this post.

It is not always simple to find the perfect script/tool to do something. Many parameters are involved depending on units, tools … and also limitations.
If possible can you send by mail or here the complete geometry ?

Thank you for your kind words, Laurent!
The files is sent to your mail, please have a check.

How you distribute the meshes?

I may send you the file with you email if it is OK for you.

Yes send it ; and if you already have the shape simply use it

File sent and thank you again, Seghier!

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I think you must go with modeling or use the original shape
spend minutes in modeling better than spend hours in grasshopper without solution

Hi Seghier,

Actually it is a result form my simulation. I need create surface to measure the coverage. Would you please give me some suggestion how to modeling such a surface?

For example you can project the mesh ; draw curves than you create the surface after few steps

wrap (5.9 MB)

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Nice idea!! I got it. Thank you, Seghier!
I wish you don’t hate me for my endless questions…

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You are welcome :smile: