How can i control node diameter at specific points with multipipe?

I want set at node points different diameter.
in my case. (in Garsshopperfile) D1 Points with D1 diameter and D2 Points with D2 diameter.

later i want at other points other diameter.

thank you very much for watching and tips

best regards

forum.3dm (2.5 MB) (59.0 KB)

Nice model!

To set node sizes at specific points, you need to input a flat list of points, and a matching flat list of sizes, like this: (60.0 KB)

(you do not need to set a size for every node of the curve network - if you set sizes only at some, it will interpolate those values)


Thank you very much for your help. It is really the right direction. :slight_smile: Thank you for your comments in the Grasshopperfile, good to understand.

It is a chair for my master Thesis. But it is not easy…

I change some things, but why it have problems? I think it ist nearly the same principle like yours.

The seat should have the same diameter complete. In the middle it should be slim and at the start point should be the biggest diameter. But it will not work.

Forum 2.3dm (1.6 MB)
Forum (126.0 KB)

I wonder if you have duplicate lines… I honestly haven’t looked over your file I just mocked this up quickly, the approach may be useful to try as well as you can use distance values to control the node sizes. (45.4 KB)

You didn’t have any duplicate lines but my approach did work this way if it helps…

Hello Daniel, Hello Brian,

Thank you for your help, last week I was on vacation, so yesterday i start again to work on my chair.

I dont get a solution to control the sizes at the right place.

-The seating surface should diameter 5
-The construction should diameter 2
-The start, the feets of the construction should diameter 20 or 10…

you did great solutions for one fading direction from thick to thin. but i want more control in the construction… thank you for your work and thinking in this direction.

i hope somebody can help to control the diameter in scefic areas.

thank you.

forum 3.3dm (3.5 MB)
Forum (57.8 KB)

Hi @nik.mvk , check this method out… get a closest point from the full cloud to some referenced points so you have the list index of the points from the cloud in that location. Then start with one node size value and repeat that for the number of points you have in total. After that, you can replace values in that list as shown.

I think it will do what you’re after, I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you @BrianJ .This also very interesting. I will try it next week. Its complete different to my solution, but i think yours makes me more flexible. :slight_smile:

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