How can I analyze a sound from a mp3 file

Hi! Can anyone please tell me how can I analyze a mp3 file ? Can not find a way!

MP3 is used to efficiently store an audio signal, if you wish to process an audio signal you’ll almost certainly want to convert it into an uncompressed format first.

There are no standard components in GH which allow for this, and as far as I know no functionality in the standard .NET platform either. You’ll almost certainly need to write some custom code which relies on an audio processing dll.

Can you convert it to a text format (csv) in some way, maybe wav format first then csv?
It should be pretty easy to get a csv file into grasshopper but watch out - the files will be big so try with very short recordings to start with.

You can use Blender to create a curve from sound than you can export it to Rhino

I remember the plug-in mosquito used to have that (or something similar) - audio wave component- I have never used it before and I am not sure if it is still compatible with the current Rhino :slight_smile:


Very nice thanks



Hi guys!

Thanks to the post, it is a nice tool to use for my project as well.

But when I tried to install the Mosquito plugin, I found it seems that the MosquitoAudio was not installed and not shown in the toolbar. I tried to open the AudioWave example file, but it cannot find the plugin. Some screenshots are attached.

I don’t know if it is because of my mac or Rhino, or is it a bug? Do you know what is going on there?

I have installed it directly from the developer’s website and for me it works just fine.

Are your computer win or mac? I downloaded from the link you gave, but it still didn’t work:(

Windows and RH6

Does anyone know how to to finish @seghierkhaled 's script and be able to explain to me how to do so? (9.4 KB)