How avoid "testing ... for compatibility ..." of migrated Rhino 5 plugin to Rhino 6

I’m looking into migrating our plugin/GHaddon to Rhino 6. Currently, I have a small but annoying side effect when a command of our plugin is executed for the first time since the plugin has been update (new build). It first tests its compatibility (and other assemblies??) which takes more than 7 seconds. It also progressively shows this string ||//|—|-//-/|-/|-/|–/-/. Once done it doesn’t do that again when this same command (or an other command of this plugin) is executed until I installed a new build.

It might be important to know that our development workflow is as follows:

  • we put our plugin and required dlls in AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\ourFolder
  • only once we install the our plugin by dragging it from that location into the rhino app
  • for every new build we now only copy the plugin to the above folder

I also looked at the differences of the visual studio C# templates, but it seems seem except for the AssemblyInfo file where there is an extra line regarding compatibilitity of the Rhino installer engine. Added this line does not avoid this testing.

Hopefully someone understands my problem and knows how this test can be avoided. Regard, Wei Pien

@stevebaer, do you know anything about this/

Sure, when Rhino 6 encounters a .NET based plug-in that was compiled against a different version of Rhino it needs to perform compatibility testing to make sure all of the SDK functions that the plug-in uses still exist in Rhino.

If you don’t want your compatibility testing to be performed on your plug-in, you will have to update your references to use the V6 RhinoCommon and recompile.

You can read more about compatibility testing at

Thank you Dale and Steve, it seems I used the wrong search keywords. You’re right, I forgot I didn’t checked in the reference change after the initial v6 test and therefore in later tests thought that couldn’t be it.