About rhino 5 run on 36 cores 72 threads machine?

I installed and the system in window 10 pro 64bit and also to run rhino 5 64bit (but not hark work). I want to know that, what can I have a problem of the rhino 5 running the the more that 63 cores system? Thank you very much!

Well it’s either an arbitrary limit that was set a long time ago, or a licensing limit since if you’re planning on running Rhino on such a system we’re talking about needing an unusual version of Windows, which is not something they have any desire to deal with, or trying to run it virtualized, which is also not supported.

Déjà vu…

I’m really not sure what you are asking in this post.
Have you now bought a 63+ core machine?
Have you tried installing the Rhino 6 WIP on that?

Other than that, I think most things have been asked (by you) and answered on this topic.

Probably the most relevant posts in that thread were:


Yes, I bought it, Xeon e5 2696v3 x2, and installed rhino 5 64 bit. I want to know, it will have a any problem? I will use it to my main machine if no any problem, anyone to tell me, thank you very much!:sob:

As far as I can tell, you are the first to try this - so you tell us if there are problems :wink:

Were you able to install - and run - Rhino 5?
Did you try installing - and running - Rhino 6 (WIP)?

I should try these, but give me a time:sweat_smile:

How is it going for 72 threads on rhino 6?