Houdini to Rhino/GH to Revit pipeline?

Hey, thanks for dropping by! Was looking to engage a conversion for a new workflow I’m going to start research on and hopefully integrate. I’m interested in exploring a interoperable pipeline between Houdini, Rhino, and Revit. Would want this pipeline to be as efficient as possible. Rhino to Revit is fairly simple with the rhino plug-in, and also possibly with Speckle. However, how can Houdini be integrated to make this pipeline as efficient as possible? To add another wrinkle, lets assume we just want to work in NURBs when in Rhino/GH. Looking forward to the conversation!

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To my understanding Houdini does have an export to IGES option to allow us to work with NURBs in Rhino, however, it would mean constant importing and exporting. Houdini would just be treated as a partial system, compared to Rhino and Revit being more holistic. There has got to be a better way for interoperability…