Hops suggestion

Hello, i tried hops to call another grasshopper script which is very useful.
Can we call different scripts in the same grasshopper file?
If this is not exist yet can we group every script in the same file with unique name and hops will have an input to choose the scripts by name.

I’m not following. You can put as many Hops components on a canvas and have each one put to different things

What i mean different scripts in the same gh file

I would rather not do that. It seems confusing and could lead to pretty messy definitions. I think we could come up with other techniques to support “libraries” of functions

I give an example
I use a script with ladybug tools which have many outputs of the same inputs like radiation, sunlight, charts … etc
For every output i need to copy the file many times, i prefer to call the file one time and get separated outputs.