Hops debug wish

It would be amazing to be able to open hops functions with the real data from the caller definition.

As far as I understand hops component serializes all inputs to json anyway. It would be cool to have a right-click menu option to save this json to a file. Then inside a hops definition itself, we could use some kind of a “reader” component to populate all inputs with data from that json and see what happens inside a hop with these particular inputs.

The ultimate realization of this feature would be just having an “Edit hops” menu item. It would open hops in a new document and automatically populate all the inputs with the data from the main definition.

But just having a way to save and deserialize json would be awesome.

I’m working on an option to write the json file representing inputs for a Hops component now. For starters, this will only include the data from the first iteration of solve input. Hopefully, tools like jswan will make this data something that you could read into the definition.

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I just published Hops 0.8.0 which provides for exporting to json from the Hops component context menu.

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