Hops component, incomplete operation

Good morning, we are trying to implement automated construction systems in a project using hops. Separating the definition of the building and that of the systems.

  • Project you are working on
    The project is the Torre Castelar, it is a work for the subject of construction. Some light slab details have been automated and we want to implement them in the project via hops.

  • Expected and resulting behavior
    Both definitions are large, so the expected computation times are long.
    The expected behavior would be to complete the grid according to the .gh definition to calculate the slabs, however incomplete gaps appear, which vary with the recalculation.

  • Grasshopper settings
    We have modified some parameters like ‘Child Process Count’== 6, ‘Max Concurrent requests’== 20. The Hops component is set to ‘Asynchronous’ and memory and server cache are disabled.

  • Other tests
    The resulting behavior is strange because when zones that were not previously calculated are selected and calculated again, those work. Each time it is recalculated, the failed cells are different.
    In addition, the same curves were executed from the slab definition itself without any error.

What are we overlooking?
Thank you very much :slight_smile: