Home dream

A mid century modern house that I imagined back in 2009, as a tribute to my late father that was an architect
Wires of the model. Vegetation from XFrog

Render in Vray for Rhino



looks a lot like what Mies Van der Rohe set off in the 40s, could be from Pierre Koenig for example. where did you find the inspiration for the design? it definitely looks familiar i mean.

Thanks… I am just a humble engineer, so back in 2009 I looked at some books on Richard Neutra and Albert Frey and came up with this idea. Pierre Koenig also from a book I have on the famous case study houses program:https://www.midcenturyhome.com/category/case-study-houses-program/

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what kind of engineer are you if may ask?

mechanical engineer

Nice job, really enjoyed perusing your uploaded images. The setting is well done too. Reminds of somewhere Argoman might live.