Hitting max view messes up toolbars

Wondering if there is a work around for this. From time to time I accidentally hit the max view button in the upper right. Well this shrinks the window and totally shifts around my customized layout of toolbars. It just happens because it is right next to the shut down button and minimize. I have the toolbars locked so don’t think there is a solution. :confused:


Right. “Locked” means you can’t drag them around.
When you change the size of the Rhino container enough that they will not fit the smaller application window, Rhino moves them, locked or not, so they are not obscured or off the visible screen.

I’m not aware of a way to avoid this.
The best alternative is to not use Rhino in a maximized window. Drag the corners up close to the edges so it’s almost a maximized window. Then if you click the wrong button the window maximizes instead of shrinks so your toolbars stay put, and you can take closer aim for your second shot.