Highlight the text in the layers tab?

Is a plug in or macro/script that will allow me to Highlight the text of a certain layer in Rhino? I’ll have a file in rhino with a hundred layers and would like to easily identify a few of them for when I scroll through, instead of hunting for a certain layer like where’s waldo.


not that I know of.

what comes to mind is the following though:

this is assuming you want to input layer names to highlight the layers in the layer panel:

-selLayer command, input comma seperated layer names, hit enter.

it will select all objects on the specified layers (including those turned off, they will be made visible)

then go to the “tools” button on the layer panel and click “selectObjectLayer”

this command however is pure GUI and not accessible via command line, afaik.

but this technique it would get the job done you are asking for

Hi Tucker,
In the Rhino 8 WIP there are two options what may help here.
As a Rhino 7 owner, you can become a Rhino 8 WIP tester.
The details are here.

The first is a layer filter field. With the number of layers that you have shown in your image, I think it will help you a lot.

The second is a new command called HighlightObjectLayers.
With this command, you highlight objects, and the layers they are on are highlighted in the layers panel when you run the command.
You may be scrolling, but you are scrolling to the highlighted layers.

For the new command HighlightObjectLayers.details and video here.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Kind of. I wanted the highlighted text to stay and without having to select any objects on those layers… It is a pure GUI thing you say, like if I could right click the text from a layer and have a command say highlight text and it would be highlighted. I’ll have a hundred layers and be doing a bunch of renderings where only 6 of those layers will need to change material/color a few times, so I was looking for a shortcut to easily identify/reference back to them quickly through the long list of layers.

in the layer filter menu, you can display only selected layers.

so once you selected the layers you need to show, use the filter, it will hide all other

ohh, filter locked layers could definitely be a good substitute. Brilliant. Thanks!


Locked layers, empty layers and more can be filtered here in Rhino 7 or Rhino 8 WIP.

Mary Ann Fugier