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I would like to ask if it’s possible to implement a Layer search box, so that when I write “b” in the field and press Enter, it will mark and expand any layer and sub-layer starting with the letter “b”. Also, if I write “bump”, it should mark any layer and sub-layer that includes that combination, such like layers named “Rear bumper”, “Bumper A1 2023”, “Rubber bump stops”, etc. (similar to how the Command line suggests full command names upon typing their initials).


Hi Bobi -

Thanks, added as RH-73777 Layer: Filter expands to filtered names

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Great, thanks! :slight_smile: My typical files have tens and even hundreds of layers, so that particular search box will definitely help me with finding certain layers.

Along with expanding the layers consisting the key words or letter, could they be marked in some colour to better distinguish them from the rest layers? For example, the “HighlightLayers” script is capable to simultaneously mark multiple layers, except that it does so with pre-selected objects assigned to different layers.
The idea is to be able to write a key word or a single character, then hit Enter and the search box should expand and mark any layer consisting the key word or single character. Note that this should not hide any layers, just expand and mark (select) the layers and sub-layers.

HighlightLayers.py (683 Bytes)

I’ve added that as a comment in that YT item.

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Is there a way to select with one command all the objects inside the highlighted layer?

if you right click on that layer you choose “select objects” or “select sublayer objects”. The command I know is “selLayer” and does the same but you need to select again the layer on the dialog box will show up. I hope this helps.

You only need to press the “Select object” icon and it will immediately select all object in the highlighted layers and sub-layers. Hopefully the developers will implement that priceless treasure in the future updates of Rhino. :slight_smile:
Being forced to right-click on the layer to open a pop-up window to be able to press “Select objects” is an extremely cumbersome way to select objects.

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