Join Pipes from Isocurves

Good Afternoon from Toronto,

I’m new to GH Rhino and Prototyping(about 3 months use). I’m trying to get a 3d print made out of a basket structure using isocurves extracted from a surface in Rhino5. I’ve been using the pipe command to provide a thickness for the isocurves, but i am reading on various 3D print forums that i need to join those piped curves together in order for the printer to read them as a single surface. I’m wondering what the best solution for this would be. any ideas would be very helpful! I’ve attached some screenshots below to give you all a better idea of what i’m trying to do. Thanks!!


IsoCurves [Only]

If it’s a pla printer I would probably avoid pipes, does it needs to be a pipe or would something with corners do it?

I was hoping I could get it done on a PLA printer. It doesn’t have to be a pipe necessarily, however I was hoping the final product would be pipe-like if possible…

To join them without naked edges in rhino is a big hassle ( maybe impossible), I would probably model it as a mesh since beginning, I think it’s way easier to get a watertight model

Also post your curves/ model to make it others possible to take a look

Hi Baris,

I posted the Isocurves. If anything comes to mind let me know! thanks

Definitely use Mesh Pipe and Mesh Union for huge complicated things like this, otherwise your computer will be stuck for hours calculating the booleans (and probably fail at it)

I meant the 3dm file. Mesh pipe won’t solve the Boolean problem I think

Thesis Form [oh yeah no bollards] 3.3dm (216.9 KB)

I think if you want to to stay in the rhino enviroment t splines could do the job:

obviously there are irregularities, coming from the geometry itself, maybe you can do some parts by hand. this is done without any adjustment.
cant upload the file since its too big

I’m sorry… I’m such a noob… how did you achieve this? Its exactly what i wanted! Thank you!!

you will need a plug in called t-splines, there is a command pipe from curves.Put as option:smooth result.
If you post a surface, I would like to try another way to get a more regular result?

@Baris T-Splines for Rhino doesn’t exist anymore, hasn’t for years, only people that bought it before it disappeared from the scene (like you I suppose) still have it. So perhaps recommending it to people here as a solution is not all that useful…

So than he could use fusion 360 it has t splines and is free.not sure if it has the same commands. To stay in rhino is it possible with the new subd?
EDIT: Just tried it in Fusion seems not to have this feature, so sorry for the confusion!
@b.moliveira if you want tell me the diameter and I can thicken it up for you.

T-splines is still available off the Autodesk Educational Site, thankfully i’m still a student so i was able to scoop a copy before its too late! Good point though it was difficult to find.

@Baris Not a problem… i managed to get a copy off the Autodesk Educational Website. I’m working with it now.
THANK YOUUUUU so much for the help @Baris… i’ll try to post the final product.