Hexagon grid

Hi all~
I want to make grid with same length for each cell on any surface that Iso unaffected!
because I will set gem on surface

20180226131743|629x500hexagon.3dm (34.3 KB)
hexagon.gh (31.1 KB)

Can you attach the gh with the surface internalised?

I attached the file.
Thank you^^

Hi, I checked the file, I don’t know what is what you have in mind for this.

But with the modifications I put below you will be able to determine how many cells you want in your surface.

If you want to have same length cells you would have to divide the surface (Divide Surface+Isotrim and this with conecting each cell by points) but I don’t think they would be symmetric.

Hex Grid Q.gh (10.5 KB)

Maybe this is of use.

left surface is more regular shape.
but it is projected grid from base grid. if the surface is more distorted I think it will not work same length each cell
Hex Grid Q-1.gh (7.9 KB)
Hex Grid Q-1.3dm (224.1 KB)

It is mathematically impossible to tile a regular hexagon grid onto a surface with nonzero Gaussian curvature (i.e. curving in more than one direction).

The examples above preserve hexagon-shaped tiling in exchange for the ‘regularity’ of the tiles. If regular edge length is more important in your case, you have to sacrifice the hexagon and throw in some 5-sided and 7-sided cells.

E.g. take a look at Goldberg polyhedra, which must always have pentagon faces.