Hex Grid Bounding Box

Hello World,

I think I am close to the definition I want but I cant quite figure out the last step. I have custom geometry that I am using in an attractor across a hex grid. I cannot figure out how to contain the hex grid within the bounding box rectangle? Whenever I resize the grid it resizes on its own and goes beyond the rectangular bounding box.

I would like to have the scallops become more crammed within the rectangle when I increase the size of the hex grid, rather than having the hex grid grow with no relation to the bounding box.

Suggestions? Thank you for the help!!!


Hex Grid Custom Shape.gh (21.0 KB)
Container Hex Grid.3dm (3.7 MB)
scallop.dwg (22.1 KB)

Hopefully this works for you, I am using Rhino 6, but it looks like you are using R5.

Instead of using the hex grid you have, I used the Hexagon Cells component from Lunchbox. Of course it is possible to make your hex grid work, but I think this is a simpler option.

Hex Grid Custom Shape_V2.gh (14.9 KB)

Use this if you want create hexgrid with fixed size based on the rectangle dimensions

Hex Grid Custom Shape_2.gh (16.0 KB)

Thank you so much Adam!
I had not downloaded LunchBox yet and it looks like an awesome tool

Really appreciate the help.


Seghier thank you so much for the help!
Really appreciate the response.

Thanks again!