Help with modeling cone grid structure


I want to create a grasshopper file where i can create different configurations of objects in a grid. It is a 5,5 m by 5,5 meter grid. Within the grid there are different cones of different diameter and different height. Within the grid some spots can also not have a cone. How can you (randomly) create different versions/options of the cones in the grid.

As seen in the picture that it is an arrangement of cones like this.
thank you !!

Not much of a grid, eh? More like circle packing within a 5.5 meter square with empty space defined by a path curve.

Not exactly the same, but as a starting point: (19.1 KB)


Wow thank you so very much! How could i change the grid so that the cones overlap.

just keep the grid the same, but increase the base radius of the cones. Right now it is set to 1/2 the grid size

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