Help With Increasing the Average Size of Circles in Circle-Packing Script

Hello, I am trying to increase the overall sizes of circles produced by the circle-packing script. So far, the general average I’ve been getting is ~1000 circles within the Rebar Pavillion brep with an average circle size of 6 inches in diameter. Around 90% or more of the circles are less than 8.5 inches in diameter. I am trying to get a majority or even a decent # of the circles to be in 8.5 inch - 21.6 inch diameter range. I have been able to increase the average size to around 6.5 inches in diameter, but any more fiddling causes the script to break and for the script to heavily disrespect the brep. I know that since packing is complicated, an increase in the size of some circles impacts the size of surrounding ones and may even decrease their size. I wonder if there is a way to either increase the average size of the circles, increase the # of circles to a size within the 8.5-21.6 inch range, or even both, (or is it impossible given the size and shape of the brep). Any help is appreciated, even telling me outright that it is probably impossible.

As a side note, the grasshopper file is pretty CPU intensive as ~1000 something circle’s radial dimensions are being shown in Rhino. My PC can decently run it though.

CirclePacking Script (final).gh (22.4 KB)
Rounded Rebar Pavillion.3dm (293.4 KB)

Hey 1650,

The size of your circles is determined by the “Length” input of your Triangular meshing, increase the length to have bigger circles. Also have a look at the component SphereCollide, which allows you to set the size of the desired spheres.

Also you can use a DataDam after kangaroo, it won’t send data to the rest of the definition unless you tell it to (or set a time interval for the refresh rate), should speed things up a little.

Hope that helps a bit,