Help with geometry

Hello, I am really struggling with getting this shape to work (file attached).
I would like to have this tapered kind of shape for the base of this desk top. My material is 18mm MDF and i can not figure a way to build it in such a way that i can manufacture it in the real world.
I really need it to be in angles that are quite simple (ex : 30°, 15°, 45° , 60° etc) so that I can cut them on a regular table saw.
I am willing to compromise the exact shape from my ‘HELP’ file only constraints i have is taht the desk should be 2300 x 900 mm and have flush 90° angles, the heigth or angle of the taper can be changed.
Please help as this is totaly ruining my brains and i’m not even sure if it’s possible to do with clean and table saw friendly angles.

Thank’s a bunch!

I think you forgot to attach ^ :slightly_smiling_face:


maybe add a screenshot as well - so others can see judge wether they can help without reading the text.
kind regards -tom
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Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 15.36.48

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(… which, generally, is a bad idea because anyone who’s taken an interest and has read the original post won’t see the update)

yes you re right. sorry.

I think it s nice to have an initial post in the top of a topic that shows the full issue.
So I think the best approach is to do 2 things:

  • edit the initial post for new readers to get a compact description of the problem in a single post.
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    is that ok ?

by the way - if a post is edited and a ATotherUser like @wim is appended in that edit - will the user get a reminder ?

thanks - kind regards -tom


Yes, for drawing the attention to an update from a single (or very limited number of) user(s), editing the original with a @-mention is a good idea.

I assume @Vlad_Georgescu is asking about cutting bevels for a shape such as this:

The short answer is there is not a combination of bevel angle along the seam and taper angle of the face from vertical which are both multiples of 5 degrees other than a bevel angle of 90 degrees and taper angle of 0 degrees.