Help: Remove item from list

Hi, I need to remove an item from a list of points, but I get the error that ‘Array[Point3d]’ object doesn’t support item deletion.

So what should I do?

(I am going to trace some points in a pointcloud)

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

cloud=rs.GetObject("get pointcloud",filter=2)
point=rs.GetPoint("Get point")


index = rs.PointArrayClosestPoint(ptList, point)

print str(index) + " : " + str(ptList[index])


You can either convert a point3dlist into a normal list using list(your_point3d_list) or use the Point3dList.RemoveAt(index) method…


Thanks Mitch, I didn’t think of the option to just put the list in another list. Clever.
So the list(3dpointlist) solution worked. List.RemveAt(index) didn’t, it threw something like a “list is fixed length” error.