Help please, curve to a zigzag pattern installation

I’m new in grasshopper, I am trying to make a leaf pattern installation which need to place some leaf panels on a lofted surface in a zigzag pattern. I have 2 questions want to ask.

  1. How can I make the pattern follow the direction of the curve and I can divide the distance between each of them (U & V distance)? I try to divide the surface and re-orient the panel direction, but the distance between each panel is random and the direction of panel doesnt follow as well

  2. How can make it as a zigzag pattern? (attached is the unfolded pattern)

20230428 Installation (14.9 KB)
20230428 Installation.3dm (3.7 MB)

Anyone can help with it?

it was better if you show what you are going to achieve, btw :

if you have different distance then did you try to scatter by divide curve?

for the angle you need to calc the rotation or use the vector.
it seems you need line operation to have full control.
sorry,these was my one cent on this post and may other help with surface scattering.


20230428 Installation (14.8 KB)