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Hello! i am new to grasshopper and would really need some help. I have to prepare a cast out of styrofoam to pour clay into but don’t know how to generate this pattern. I would really appreciate an answer, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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How to ask effective questions

Well, mentioned T-Splines is a plugin no longer available. You might want to try Weaverbird plugin…

  1. Create an extrusion (a cylinder) or some other thing (loft var radii circles for instance).
  2. Spread rnd points on the Surface and use a BallPivot algo to get a mesh.
  3. Or - rather better - use MeshMachine and vary the L in order to control the size of the mesh faces,
  4. Get the mesh edges.
  5. Gonnect some vertices to the central spine (find the prox points). Add the lines to 4. Or use rnd pts on some edges and do the same.
  6. Sort (Z) the spine prox points make a Poly and add the Poly segments to 5.
  7. Having a Line Graph on hand try to "“thicken” it either via pipe on TSplines or use stuff the likes of ExoW, Dendro or IntraLattice. Me? TSplines by a huge margin (but they are dead by now - a huge AutoDesk mistake).

Forgot to mention the prox way (the central spine is not used: a bit kitsch). (9.9 KB)

Used a TSpline pipe component … but the best way by far is to bake the line graph and do the TSpline marvel by varying manually the R/T values.

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Forgot that prox does trees with duplicate elements (and thus the TSpilne pipe had a very hard time). Used a thing from Kangaroo1 in order to remove them (or you can use Topologizer for that).

Use this (added TopoW and WB CC). That said TopoW is a bit temperamental … but if it works nothing comes close. (14.4 KB)

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Ok, who hacked @PeterFotiadis ?
He’s using components instead of code…


Man, what I can say? Hackers everywhere, it seems. But how they did that? You tell me

Added Intralattice and a small thingy in case that you don’t have Kangaroo (or Topologizer) for removing duplicate lines out of the Prox (NOTE: it’s not a bug, it just yields results having connectivity matters in mind). (28.2 KB)

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