Help needed with SelDup and SelDupAll

Rhino experts

I have a file of a topo surface represented by points extracted from a mesh. # of point are rounghly 97K. I noticed that most are exact duplicates.

So I used SelDup and SelDupAll to delete all duplicate points and leave behind only one point per each location. When I execute this all the points get deleted except for 2 or 3. This is undesirable but I know Im doing something wrong.

How can I achieve this in rhino 5. I attached the file and hope someone can help? Sorry if asked before?Mesh-20171122_RepairExtractPts.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hello - it looks like you can WeldVertices on this mesh - window around the whole mesh to get all the vertices, then ExtractPt and not get any dups.


Pascal thx for your suggestion that does sound like an interesting workflow…I will try this and report back…