Help me get help

Hi, a bit of an odd question, but I really need to know how to get help on a thread I opened.

So far I’ve made two threads and noone responded. Neither issue seemed particularly daunting, especially the last one. I followed the guidelines as set out in both the introduction and the “Help us help you” thread. But to no avail.

I would really like to get help, but maybe this isn’t the place. At least not if a question being answered is a hit or miss kind of chance. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit even, if it gets the job done.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

One of your topics has a 7z zipped attachment with a small file size.

I cannot open 7z and generally avoid downloading zipped files whenever possible.

I think you can upload up to 20 MB so I’m not sure if it is really necessary to compress that file.

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Hi @moau_kanea I just sent a (short) answer to your unanswered post. The other post of you was answered by @DanielPiker but you didn’t reply in that thread if it was a solution.

@martinsiegrist 7zip is much more performant than .zip, you should try it. Both faster and smaller file size.

I use 7-Zip but agree with you that a zipped file is generally not appropriate on this forum.

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I thought zipping files was the standard, to avoid corruption. But I have no expertise on this, so I don’t mind either way

hey, I asked this before the thread was answered. But actually I hadn’t noticed it had been answered until now, will get right to that after this. Very glad either way :slight_smile:

It’s impossible to see what you’re downloading when there’s just a zipped folder and no information on the content plus it adds another step before a file can be opened after downloading.

What do you mean? the zipped folder has a name just as an uncompressed .gh file would have. But as I said before, I will refrain from zipping in the future.

I’m not blaming you for anything but a zip folder could contain a lot of things which you cannot see before it’s downloaded and unpacked.

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Haha, don’t worry. I didn’t feel blamed at all. I’m just trying to learn. But that makes sense of course, I might well be trying to hack your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes in principle, don’t zip, unless you cannot upload the file because of file size issues, thanks