Help in randomizing pattern

Hello once again, I am in need of some aid, I have this flower pattern I would like to array but have each array be different, I think I am connecting something wrong, I’ve tried using the gene pool like in the second example but it doesn’t work.

the second example i was mentioning is this. I wanna do this but with the flower pattern.

opala (13.7 KB)

if you mean each array to be different by the amount of petals arrayed + gene pool

opala (16.1 KB)

if you want to control the amount of petals with just a seed slider:

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@inno you are always saving me thank you so much for your help!

I was trying another way and was partially successful, could you help me figure out why the last 7 flowers exploded?

opala (11.2 KB)

here you are building the single curves for your petals:

then the curves go all together into the very same list, and get joined: this does not guarantee (oh, let’s say it almost surely guarantees not ) that any order will be maintained after the join operation

one solution might be to graft the lists in such a way each petal has its own branch, like this:

opala (23.2 KB)

ohhh, I see, thank you so much for the explanation, it was so clear! And Thank you once again for saving me, I’ll make sure to mention you on my thesis!

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well… I’d mention the McNeel GH forum, this is a truly awesome place :+1:

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