Help for user defined scripts and toolbar-buttons


I’d like to add some user documentation to scripts that I wrote and that I launch via toolbar-buttons and the RunPythonScript command.

With built-in Rhino commands you can press F1 when you started the command to get a description. Is it possible to show some docs for self defined buttons and scripts the same way?

Or what else would be the recommended means to provide some help from within Rhino?

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could you add a command line option called “help” maybe that would show a prompt box with your help text? kind of hacky i guess. you can also use html in a window as well for formatting.

someone smarter will chime in i’m sure addressing your question directly.

Thank you for this suggestion. Actually, we had the idea as well and do it like that already. I was wondering if there was a means directly intended for that purpose that I just didn’t find, yet.

And: What if you don’t have this kind of user interface, e.g. start with an open-file-dialogue or have no user input at all?


i hope you get the answer you’re looking for. :wink:

Hi Gero - off hand I think the help option is the best way to activate your own help - what you do with that may be flexible. For example, you could put the option name on a hot key (F key) so that it is always the same for each of your commands and make that option open the correct web page (WebBrowser command with url), right in Rhino, per command.


Thank you, Pascal.

@kleerkoat: You mention using html in a window. How would you do this?

here’s the page in the dev docs and an example that dale wrote. you’ll need to place the html file in the root of C:/ or you can change it’s location in the script. (1.6 KB)

Aah, I see. First of all, thanks a lot for all your thoughts and ideas.

However, we’ll most probably stay with the simple text boxes. We’re mostly using Python and this seems like to many turns for me: We’d have to call a VB script via a Rhino command from the Python script and on top of that have the actual message in an external text file.

But anyway, your ideas and information are much appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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for sure! no problem. that sucks it wasn’t a good fit. good luck and take care!