Help closing a small naked edge

Please help! trying to make the front piece of my pen a closed solid polysurface and the mistake is much to small to fix. anyone know how?

Pen v2 copy.3dm (4.1 MB)

Can you provide the input curves for the thread?

I am a beginner and I got help making the thread and I am not exactly sure what you mean. I am sorry. I offset the surface of the back section to make the thread for the front.

if that does not help. Is there a way to make a new thread for the piece next to it that matches the back piece?

I don’t have a problem creating threads with a helix. BoltGen really isn’t necessary for this. I’ve used Sweep1 and two different cross sections. One slightly offset. Then closed the end with a 4 point surface. The thread in your file wasn’t done very well in my opinion. I would first of all suggest to align rotational geometry on the coordinate axis. Then for boolean difference like this thread, always make the geometry that you subtract bigger or smaller than the other object. Coplanar surfaces lead to problems when you’re trying to subtract from or add to other geometry.

Pen v2 copy.3dm (2.3 MB)

you are a beast thank you sir.

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