Heatherwick Vessel// ellipse geometry stairs

Hi It is first topic I open in this forum so my apologize for all the mistakes I will do, btw I would like to model something like the Heatherwick’s vessel and to apply it to any kind of curve surface, like an ellipse or a not regular curve, is there a way to parametrize the heatherwick pattern?
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For sure there are some ways, read this post, you could begin with this.

And some reference of this beautiful project

Thanks Laurent for the fast answer, I have already read and analyzed ur code in that post, it is amazing but going through the equations I did not figure out how to adapt the geometry, basicaly I have my “city” pretty unregular (as u can see below)

and I would like tocreate that kind of stairs’ skin on it

Have you given it a try? Post some definition.

For sure, like @Michael_Pryor said, a definition will help. But you also have to find some logic.
Does the landing are shifted ? from the stairs. As all heights are the same you will have the same number of steps. Do you want to lengthen each steps … to have more stairs … Parametric model means you have parameters but also models. Welcome to parametric world.

I don’t think it is easy to create this design and than apply it to any curve, the global shape maybe but the stairs need alot of wotk

Sorry for the delay I had no opportunity to work on it in the last days, now I am on it again , I am attaching the definition below, I have almost solved the problem, there is a last thing I can not figure out, I need to create the platform from the converging points and to have just two lines (stairs) going up and two going down from each platform.
thnksRAmp stepweel side.gh (42.2 KB)