Headless Rhino

For batch processing, I was wondering if Rhino can be started in headless mode, i.e. as a command-line program, not showing any GUI.

Hi Menno- I think this is possible - check with the developer group…


Thanks, I’ve changed the category accordingly…

Hi Menno,

you can switch off visibility:
rhino.Visible = 0;

Here you’ll find some automation samples:


And watch out for this bug:

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Hi Menno,

What you are asking to do is possible but challenging, as the only to access Rhino externally is through ActiveX automation (e.g. COM). Writing COM in C++ isn’t much fun, so you might consider .NET

Here is an example you might find useful. It demonstrates how to create a command line application that launches Rhino and calls into a plug-in. Because COM is the only way to communicate with Rhino, externally, the Rhino plug-in must provide a COM object that can be accessed.


There are also .NET equivalent samples that @Jess has posted above.

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