Having troubles with plane trim mesh after fatten function

RandomCurveSeam surface.gh (45.2 KB)

Hi everyone. I am a beginner and not a programmer. I am using the Parakeet Random curve seam function to generate a set of lines then I want to make a surface from these lines. I have been successful using multipipe/check for surface normal/flip needed ones and also had good luck with the Dendro/quad remesh but when I try to use the Fatten function I am able to make the geometry whole, but when I cut it with the x-y plane I am getting kind of a mess and I have not been able to fix this.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

RandomCurveSeam with Fatten.gh (23.4 KB)

Hi Forum. I was able to get the desired result using the following method on several different patterns.

Explode any curves.
Remove duplicate lines.
Use Fatten. The AdjustForAngle button should be set to true to keep everything straight.
Use Combine and Clean.
Deconstruct the mesh.
Deconstruct the mesh face and convert the mesh face to a surface using the mesh vertices and 4pointsurface.
Find the surface centroid.
Cull out any surface below the plane you want to split with.
Rejoin the mesh using mesh join.

Not the most direct way for sure. And there probably is a better way. But this method is working for me.

Regards, K. Shaw

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