Having trouble with curve closest point

This ought to be really simple but apparently im just dumb…

I have a bunch of curves that make up city streets. A separate list shows all the points where there are businesses. I need to find a point on a street curve that is closest to each “business” point and connect it with a path. In other words, each business needs a little pathway line that connects it a section of road closest to it.

For some reason the component is just giving me the intersection points of each street curve and then connecting that to the points.

.gh im working on:

driveways.gh (280.8 KB)

e/ side question: Why cant I join all the curves into one large curve? The best it can do is pair about half of them?

You can use the Pull Point component to find for each business location a point on the set of all curves which is closest to it.

A curve in Rhino is topologically always a line segment. It may be bend or kinked, and the end-points may touch, but there’s never any gaps in the curve and never any branching points. During a join operation the curves are joined together into larger curves one-at-a-time. As soon as some curves form a closed loop (i.e. when the start and end-point are coincident) that whole loop is removed from the set of joinable curves.

It is exceedingly unlikely that a network like this can be turned into a single curve, and even in those rare cases where a solution is possible, it is unlikely that Rhino will come up with it.

Thank you for the help on both issues! Cheers